Nashua Children’s Home Visit - (December 15, 2018) 



Members from the IANH Executive Board and the Youth Group visited the Nashua Children’s Home, a foster home for kids. Each year, the IANH Youth Group receives wishlists for a group of kids from the Nashua Children’s Home. Members from the youth group purchased these presents and wrapped them to gift the children for the holiday season. Three members from the youth group, Urvi, Sneha, and Trisha visited the children’s home to drop off the presents and understand how they were helping them. They had the opportunity to meet Lori Wilshire, who runs the Nashua Children’s Home. Ms. Wilshire shared her own personal connection with the children’s home. When she was growing up, she spent three years of her childhood at the foster home as her mother could not afford to raise or own an apartment large enough for Ms. Wilshire in addition to her six siblings. She said that as a child she enjoyed living at the home because she could count on warm clothes, three hot meals a day, shoes without holes and friends she could live with. She also shared with us a few of the many success stories of children who spent some or their entire childhood at the children’s home, and how they are doing well now pursuing their own careers. The Nashua Children’s Home was very happy with the presents IANH Youth Group donated and said that the ten children who the youth group shopped for will be very happy come Christmas morning.