IANH organized the 2018 Diwali Festival on November 10, 2018. This event was help run by members of the youth group who organized the event from backstage. IANH Youth Group members volunteered in the audio room, at the front desk, back stage, and in the green room. Some members were ushers who coordinated between the green room to backstage and the youth group members also managed the curtains, volunteered as emcees when needed and coordinated with the sound room from backstage throughout the entire event. Without the effort of the youth group, this event would not have been able to run smoothly. In addition to volunteering during the event, youth group members participated in the Lamp Show and the Fashion Show following the performances. In addition to this, the Youth Group President, Urvi, spoke on stage and shared with the audience what the IANH Youth Group does and how they have helped the community so far as well as their upcoming plans.